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06 février 2006

Le nombre 19 dans la nature (en anglais)

Toujours en cherchant des information sur le code 19, je tombe sur un superbe article, signé Fakir60 et reprennant les etudes d'un mathematicien-physicien-biologiste allemand, le docteur Peter Plichta Cet Article tres detaillé, decris la présence du code 19 dans la nature au plus profond des atomes... L'observation de la nature est donc une clé pour comprendre le merveilleux présent que dieu nous a fait en nous offrant le coran
Je vais juste reprendre les derniers paragraphes de cet article (en anglais, promis je le traduit dés que j'en ai le temps) :

Over them stands the 19 (Sura 74:30)

The german chemist had completed a crucial breakthrough. In his own words, he says: " I understand now that the Nature strictly divides the stable elements in four nineteen columns according to the type of their divisibility. She assigns a twentieth number to each of the four categories, (which stands in the table over this nineteen numbers), without violating the "nineteen-rule" which regulates the divisibility. Then the nineteen elements, which all atomic numbers are divisible by four, have a coding number: the atomic number 4. The nineteen elements which are divisible by two, have the coding number 2. The nineteen odd divisible numbers always run over the coding number 6. In this category are also six numbers, which derives from the number 1, but are however divisible . Now the exciting question is which coding number stands for this fourth group, the nineteen indivisible atomic-numbers? And Plichta continues then sportingly:" Remaining are the atomic numbers 3 and 19 ". The coding effect of the number 19 is distinct and clear. The whole system is subject to one 19-Code. "Over them stands the 19". But why the nineteen indivisible atomic numbers or prime numbers are exactly coded by the number 3? For this point, Dr. Plichta couldn't first find an answer. A further look at the table helps him temporarily: the number 3 is the only one remaining number from the elements.That could be an answer, but it's a probing question - and he will find the only right answer to his questions.

The encoding of the code

Something extraordinarily interesting appears here: the pure isotopes consist of eight atomic numbers which are prime numbers,  and eleven elements with divisible odd atomic-numbers. Thus, we can say: the nineteen prime numbers with atomic numbers have a proportion of 11 double isotopes to 8 pure isotopes. The same 8 to 11 is also apparent with the by 4 divisible atomic numbers. Here, there is a relation of 11 elements with odd isotopes numbers to 8 elements with even isotopes numbers, like the table shows:


Table 13: Four times nineteen / the encoding of the 19-Code




    Pure Isotopes       Double Isotopes       Multi-Isotopes       Multi-Isotopes   


    Atomic nb divisible by 4       Atomic nb divisible by 2    


    9       1       8 (3)       10 (3)      


    15       5       12 (3)       14 (3)   
    21       7       28 (5)       18 (3)   
    25       17       32 (5)       22 (5)   
    27       23       40 (5)       30 (5)   
    33       29       44 (7)        74 (5)   
    39       31       56 (7)       42 (7)   
    45       37       60 (7)       62 (7)   
    55       47       64 (7)       66 (7)   
    65       71       76 (7)       70 (7)   
    69       73       80 (7)       54 (9)   
    11       35       16 (4)       26 (4)      


    13       49       24 (4)       38 (4)   
    41       51       20 (6)       58 (4)   
    53       57       36 (6)       82 (4)   
    59       63       68 (6)       34 (6)   
    67       75       72 (6)       46 (6)   
    79       77       48 (8)       78 (6)   
    83       81       52 (8)       50 (10)   



For the chemistry-master it was certain  that the 19-Code must be coded in itself, in fact through the numbers 11 and 8. We will see extensively in detail in the future this coding of the code in the Triangle of Pascal and the Chaos-theory and we can now recognize that these absolute numbers not only in the Koran occupy a key-role in the codification system of the Universe. (Here, is reminded that the numbers 8 and 11 are the only a and bsolute numbers in the whole Koran.)


Note that also in the Quran the numbers 8 and 11 are astonishingly linked to the number 19. How? Let's look for all suras which have 8 and 11 verses :


    Sura number       Verses   
    62       11   
    63       11   
    93       11   
    94       8   
    95       8   
    98       8   
    99       8   
    100       11   
    101       11   
    102       8   
    95 = 19 x 5   



Five suras with 8 verse and five suras with 11 verses which their total sum 95 or 19 x 5.


Let us write down these 10 numbers next to each other beginning with the smallest one :


8 8 8 8 8 11 11 11 11 11 = 19 x  46783216374269      


Dr. Plichtas conclusion

What has achieved the chemist until now? He had shown that the biochemical components of the life, therefore the amino acids, are coded by  the number 19 (see chapter 10); and he had shown that also the structure of the eighty-one stable, natural existing chemical elements, therefore the components of the Nature, are in many ways subject to the same code . A lonely number, the unique number 19, proves to be the King Number of the chemistry. However the most that worried him, was why all elements with odd atomic numbers possess either one or two isotopes? Only the nineteenth element, Potassium, not? Because with its three isotopes the Potassium actually should be an element with an even atomic numbe. Maybe it has to do with the number 19? Thus this number is an odd prime number, and the element 19 i.e Potassium, behaves like an even-numbered element. For the first time, Dr. Peter Plichta came upon a quasi double-face element. An odd element which behaves like an even one. He deduced from this paradox a general question, which for a scientist like him works like a time fuse: "Can something in this Universe be simultaneously, odd and even?" The strange behavior of the neutrons, if they leave the atomic nucleus, into a positively charged particle and a negatively charged particle disintegrates, brings to the belief, that it should be so. The puzzles of the neutrons and the Isotropy may have identical solutions. Only for isotopy he already made a discovery: behind it is the number 19... "
To Dr. Plichta it was clear that he had to bump with his findings the most of the physicists and chemists. "Number tricks ", jugglery" would they name his discoveries, from fear, to lose the sovereignty of their knowledge status and then to be classified. Before his sensational results will bring him to a temporary end of his first theory-number research, Dr. Plichta felt obligated, to clarify the open question of the meaning of the meta-numbers 4 2  6 and 3 over the four 19 -columns of his chemical elements table. Was the concrete sequence of these numbers, just a coincidence or more?
It will be soon clear that the number sequence  4 2 6 3 was more than a coincidence. The German Chemist betted that the numbers of the entire stable elements (81) and the clear coding of these eighty-one elements could be closely connected with a number, around which everything turned: he executed a simple arithmetic operation and divided 81 by 19:

                 81:19 = 4,263

The result consisted of the digit sequence 4 2 6 3.
This result of his small calculation filled him with enthusiasm. The ordering of the four meta-elements and their atomic numbers from the four subordinate characteristic categories had a decided mathematical reason. Because the relation of the eighty-one elements to their order-number 19 resulting of the number sequence 4263, thus must also these four numbers (4,2,6 and 3) be beside the number 19, coding numbers of their total-structure! The Duesseldorfer chemist was fascinated, how the Nature obeys to mathematical laws and especially to the number theory .




The four order-numbers found by Dr. Plichta 4,2,6 and 3 plays also in the Koran an important role :


since the sum of all chapters number of all not-initialed Suras from the first sura (Fatiha) to the last initialed sura (68) is 2 3 4 6 .


The total sum of the verses of the first 19 chapters is 2 3 4 6 .

 The Nature calculates her components  herself

The experienced scientists had now discovered the reason why the eighty-one stable elements of the chemistry must be divided into 4x19 and 5 separated elements. Nothing than the universal 19-Code, which the Nature set into a relation to the group of the available chemical-stable basic components, is responsible of it. Whereby this group results from a mathematical relation to the number 19. The number 81 is the complement of the number 19, since 19 with 81 complete themselves to 100! 100-19 = 81 . The chemical basic-elements of the Nature are mathematically structured.
A problem was not clarified : Why from single elements with fixed number of protons in the nucleus, are several sorts with different number of neutrons ? The isotope problem! Here it was first noticeable to Plichta, that the variations of the neutrons in the nucleus by the examined eighty-one stable chemical elements is enough of 1 to 10 neutrons to vary the nucleus of the same chemical element. Immediately Dr. Plichta calculated that the altogether fifty-seven (19x3) chemical elements which more than one single isotope, i.e possess an element variation and which belongs to each 4 x19 elements, give as a total of 243 isotopes or variations .In other words : all natural existing stable chemical elements, which belong to the 4 *19 elements with matching features, possess together 243 elements variations. The Duesseldorfer chemists was interested to know which is the ratio of the fifty-seven double or multiple isotopes to their total isotope number. He puts the relation:

                 243:57 = 4,263!!

The relation of the two hundred-forty-three element-variations to the fifty-seven elements, with which double - or multiple-variations occur, is indeed an identical sequence of numbers, to the four meta-elements of his table! Amazing result! Once again the same number, that determines the relation of the eighty-one elements to their order-number, the number 19. For the second time has the Nature given the proof, in relation with the stable elements, that she can mathematically orients herself by executing arithmetic calculations. The elements 4,2,6 and 3 had been therefore not at all by chance separated in their order-system from the remaining four characteristic-classes.They were calculated by the Nature and must be the numbers and thus elements, that they are.
This calculation is more astonishing that the 3 x 19 elements are extended by the Nature to 3 x 81 = 243 isotopes (or additional neutron variations). That is to say, that she takes the number of stable elements to the basis of her isotopes calculations.
Also mathematical-scientific laymen will see with enthusiasm how a sober number-friend discovered the Nature computingskill. Who could imagine before only a few decades that the Nature resembles an enormous and all-connected computer, which apparently programs itself? Moreover she co-ordinates accurately her results prepared by her amazing computational programs ? It is not wrong at all to assume that tears flowed from the eyes of the Duesseldorfer mathematicians, when he saw himself confronted to his astonishing discoveries.

Cette partie de l'article, je l'ai fait commencé par l'evocation du verset 74:30, le mystere reste pour moi entier, mais je continue dans ma compilation d'articles à ce sujet, en esperant peut etre m'eveiller à une facette de la verité

L'article complet se trouve sur ce lien: cliquez ici

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